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Roofs, Gutters, and Skylights, Oh My!

MacCoy Home Solutions has partnered with our friends at Crown Roofing to share the latest in roof, gutter, and skylight safety to protect your home and any new remodels by MHS 😉

☑️ Roofs: Regularly cleaning your roof and clearing it of any debris is important. It can prevent potential hazards or damage while helping to maintain that curb appeal! When you are cleaning your roof, it is best to avoid pressure washing as it can cause deterioration. Applying moss protection annually is another way to protect your roof. Moss can slow and disrupt water flow which can cause water build up and/or water damage. It can be challenging to get rid of when it arrives so preventative measures are recommended! Finally, while you are on your roof, do a routine check for anything out of the ordinary like missing granules, loose shingles, cracks, etc. If you see anything of concern, schedule a professional inspection! ☑️ Gutters: Cleaning your gutters periodically will help to ensure there is no blockage for water to flow. The recommended frequency of cleaning your gutters depends on the amount of trees surrounding your home. If you do not have any trees around your home, cleaning every 6 months is recommended. If there are some trees on your property, cleaning the gutters every 3 months is recommended. If you have a lot of trees around your home, it is best to clean your gutters once every month! While cleaning out your gutters, watch for cracks, leaks, or drips. If you see anything alarming, schedule a professional inspection!

☑️ Skylights: Your skylights should be treated as normal windows, cleaning periodically as you see fit! When you are cleaning your skylights check for any fogging in the glass or condensation, this could indicate that the skylight needs to be re-sealed or replaced. No need to worry, a professional can replace your skylight window without affecting your roof!

We suggest being proactive versus reactive when it comes to the safety of your home. If you are looking for a professional evaluation of your roof, gutters or skylights, we recommend reaching out to Crown Roofing for your peace of mind! *Note* Crown Roofing offers a range of professional services but they do not offer cleaning services.

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Michelle Amanda
Michelle Amanda
Jul 25, 2023

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