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Decks, Windows, Landscaping 
& More.


An updated exterior can give your home a stunning appearance while increasing it's value and energy efficiency. The Northwest weather can be hard on your home’s exterior.  With M.H.S.’s expertise, we can update your home correctly and with sustainability in mind.


M.H.S. creates exterior remodels that will restore pride in your home’s appearance. The enjoyment you can gain from a beautiful and well-maintained exterior will surpass expectations. Let M.H.S. work with you to create the look and feel you wish to achieve.

Some of the Exterior Services we offer are:

  • Custom Deck Construction

  • Window & Door Packages

  • Landscape Reconditioning & Overhauls

  • Structural Inspections & Repair

  • Siding & Exterior Trim Replacement

  • Hardscape Installations

  • Custom Fence Installation 

  • Drainage & Waterproofing

  • General contracting for any of your remodeling needs

  • And More......

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