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Let's Talk About the F Word 😮

... Financing! Getting funding for your project can be a daunting task if you don't know where to start, but we're here to help! Read on for our tips & tricks on navigating project financing 👇

✅ Shop Around - Don't be afraid to get financing options from multiple institutions to compare the rates and select the offer that works best for you!

✅ Do Your Research - Keep an eye on how the housing market is behaving in your area to consider the potential equity gains for improving your property.

✅ Make Your Money Work for You - A simple way to increase your available funds is to open an interest-earning savings account to get your money working for you! There are great online resources that can allow you to save, earn, and access your funds as needed!

✅ Contact a Professional - Mortgage consultants can help you get the information you need for financing, real estate professionals can help you understand the market, attorneys can help you understand the zoning ordinances and regulations in your area, and a general contractor can provide you with a quote for your home improvement dreams (we have a good recommendation for that last one 😉).

✅ Explore Your Options - There are many unique ways to acquire funding for your projects that vary depending on your circumstance such as a HELOC, a home refinance, etc. Be sure to explore all your options to select the route that best suits your needs!

✅ Consider Your Gains - Any investment into improvements for your home or property can influence its value so while borrowing funds or liquidating assets can be intimidating, you oftentimes have so much more to gain! Connect with professionals today to realize the potential of your project and MHS can help turn that potential into a reality!


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