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Safety First 👷

The MacCoy Home Solutions team takes safety very seriously to ensure our clients and crew members are protected throughout the duration of each project. Read on to learn more about the safety practices MHS has in place!

✅ Weekly Safety Inspections - Our Safety Manager performs weekly inspections at all active job sites, identifying potential hazards and guiding our crew in making necessary adjustments to maintain optimal safety.

✅ Weekly Safety Meetings - Our crew participates in weekly safety meetings, led by our Safety Manager, to discuss single topics concerning job site safety. These topics include information such as fire safety, personal protective equipment, and even the importance of a good night's sleep and a healthy diet.

✅ First Aid and CPR Training - Each member of our crew is certified by the American Red Cross in First Aid and CPR. These certifications are updated regularly to ensure our team has the latest and most relevant information regarding safety procedures

✅ Quarterly Safety Training - Every quarter, MHS dedicates one full day to in-depth safety training. These trainings provide the crew with a combination of both lecture-based and hands-on instruction.

✅ Asbestos Testing - We ensure that asbestos testing is conducted on any materials we will be disturbing prior to starting any project, assuring the safety of both our crew and the homeowners.

✅ Asbestos Training - Our Safety Manager has recently achieved ASHERA certification as an Asbestos Inspector, gaining valuable knowledge and training in safe working practices for remodeling projects.

✅ A Culture of Safety - We recognize the importance of fostering a safety-first culture within our company to ensure a secure working environment for our employees. Our management prioritizes safety above production deadlines, allowing for the creation of schedules and project plans that incorporate realistic timeframes for safe practices without placing undue pressure on our crew to complete tasks quickly.


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Kudos to MacCoy Home Solutions for their strong safety measures! With weekly inspections, regular training, and asbestos testing, they prioritize crew and client well-being. Their certified team ensures a secure working environment while maintaining high standards.

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