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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When might we get on your production schedule?

  • Thanks to all of the support for our business, we are booking positions about 18 months out on larger projects. We also have a waitlist that is available if that prospect is acceptable.

2. How do we reserve a spot on your waitlist for smaller projects?

  • For our smaller projects we typically propose a time and material work order that approximates the total cost for that body of work. If that proposal is acceptable, we add you to our waitlist with the intention of getting to your project in between other commitments. Flexibility on timing is always very appreciated as we do our best to get to all of our very important clients! If you would like to get your free estimate, visit the following link: https://www.maccoyhomesolutions.com/get-estimate

3. How do we reserve a spot on your schedule for a larger project?

  • For larger projects, we create a rough order of magnitude estimate that needs additional specification to finalize numbers and submit to you for review. If that rough estimate is approved, you now have reserved a spot on our schedule. From there, we refine the specifics of your project so that we can better express an expected start date. With that information and finished design, we will have a good grasp on the impact to your usage of that space, the overall labor demands, sub contractor schedules and possible lead time items that could impact a start date. If you would like to get your free estimate, visit the following link: https://www.maccoyhomesolutions.com/get-estimate

4. We’d like to do a remodel but are needing some guidance on design or architecture. Does MHS provide that service or assistance in that phase of the pre-construction?

  • We are happy to participate in the design process as your chosen general contractor but do suggest that architects and designers are selected by the client. It is always best to assemble the team and work at it collaboratively between the client, design firm and builder. This team approach allows for critical input in these three areas so as to balance aesthetic, functionality, feasibility and costs.

5. We see great recommendations for MHS online but are there also specific references we could call to ask some questions?

  • Of course!  Our referral list is available upon request and we are very grateful to all of our clients for allowing us to cite them as a point of contact.

6. Does MHS work with insurance companies on homeowner insurance claims?

  • Due to requirements within this industry that are difficult for us to accommodate, MHS no longer offers this type of service.

7. Does MHS offer small repair services or assistance on projects?

  • We offer consultation services that bill at $175/hr. These services will allow someone to get on site and provide immediate guidance. Please note that our consultations require a 4 hour minimum for services. You can request these services here

  • We also offer handyman/repair services for small projects that bill at $155/hr. Handyman/repair services require a 4 hour minimum for services as well. You can request these services here​.

8. How can MHS help us stay up-to-date with the latest information in the industry?

  • Our email newsletter and blog (updated monthly) help us keep homeowners informed about the latest and greatest at MHS and within the industry!