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Our Community

While we take immense pride in our craftsmanship and dedication to delivering dream homes for our clients, our identity is also significantly shaped by our commitment to the people we are surrounded by. Our community forms the heart of what we do, providing us with the support and encouragement that has allowed our small business to flourish over the years.

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National Night Out

Every year, we sponsor our neighborhood's National Night Out event which aims to foster stronger bonds between community members and law enforcement agencies. We believe that safety, trust, and mutual support form the bedrock of a thriving community, and this event serves as a platform to enhance these vital aspects. Through food, fun, and friendly interactions, we facilitate meaningful exchanges that strengthen communal bonds and reinforce a sense of shared responsibility for each other's safety and well-being.

Community Events

We feel fortunate to be able to work within the community we reside, thus, our active involvement with local organizations and people is deeply important to us. Through our community initiatives, events, and partnership with the city of Mountlake Terrace, we aim to empower excellence in business by aligning our success with the wellbeing of the people around us. We rise by lifting others, and every home we build or remodel we complete isn't just another project; it's a testament to the community that has helped us become who we are today.

Local Businesses

As a small, local business, we know how much it means to have support from your community. That's why we strive to support other fellow small businesses in our area. Our belief is simple: a business is not merely a commercial entity, but a member of a community, contributing to its vitality and, in turn, drawing strength from it. We are all stronger together.   

Our Culture

We attribute our success to more than just our skills and expertise. Our atmosphere - characterized by dependability, honesty, and transparency - is the vital pillar that underpins every facet of our operation, from our in-house team to our subcontractors and vendors. As we continue to grow, this dedication to our values will remain our guiding principle, reminding us that success is not just about remodeling homes – it's about doing so with integrity, honesty, and a deep sense of responsibility to our clients.

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