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Lessons From the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us many things through uncertain times. One of the biggest lessons was how to make the most of our homes during lockdown. Read on to review our biggest tips when preparing your home 👇

☑️ Make sure you have a covered entryway. Contactless deliveries are an essential part of staying home and staying safe during lockdowns; having a covered entryway ensures your packages do not get wet or damaged from the elements. ☑️Cleanup your landscape. Spending time outdoors can significantly improve your wellbeing; creating a comfortable and calming environment around the exterior of your home can give you an additional place to decompress. ☑️ Organize your garage. For many of us, the garage turned into the home office, the home gym, the kid's play space, and everything in-between during quarantine. Organizing your garage can give you the space necessary for all of your needs! ☑️ Check on your HVAC. Comfort is the most important need when spending a significant amount of time at home. Making sure your heating and cooling systems are operating correctly will prepare your home for maximum comfort any time of the year. ☑️ Invest in multi-purpose furniture. Having furniture items that can easily transition from work to play to put away can be extremely helpful in making smaller spaces functional. These could include foldable chairs and tables or small work stations that can be easily stored. ☑️Clean or replace your air filters. Keeping the air clean within your home can keep you and your family safe and healthy. Additional free-standing air purifiers and UV light attachments are also useful for extra filtration.

MHS is here to help you and your family stay healthy through these uncertain times - if you feel that we can help you prepare your home, please submit your project details through our website for a FREE estimate here.

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