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Frosty Conditions: Is Your Home Ready? ❄️

If you are unprepared, freezing temps can be a hazard to your home and property! Read on for the MacCoy Home Solutions checklist that will help shield your residence from weather-related emergencies 👇

✅ Hose Bib Protection - A small cover can make a big difference. Protect your hose bibs to prevent outdoor pipes from freezing and bursting.

Insulate Your Plumbing - Keep those pipes snug! Proper insulation can prevent freezing and the potential nightmare of water damage.

✅ Insulate Ducting - Ensure your heating system works efficiently by checking and insulating ducting, especially in unheated areas like the attic or crawlspace. 

✅ Attic & Floor Insulation - A well-insulated attic and floors are your best defense against heat loss. Keep the warmth where you want it – inside your home!

✅ Weather Stripping - Keep the chill out by ensuring your doors have proper weather stripping.

Efficient Windows - Having efficient windows can not only prevent heat loss and contribute to consistent indoor temperatures but it can minimize condensation and mold risk.

✅ Use Pet-Safe Deicer - Keep walkways slip-free while ensuring the safety of your furry friends with a pet-safe deicer. 

✅ Get An Inspection - Consider getting a professional inspection to ensure your home is fortified against the cold.

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