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It's Time for a Pup-Date 🐾

We love our incredible MHS team and part of what keeps us going is the strong pack that's got our pack! Introducing, the four-legged crew members that have a place on our team and in our hearts!

Callie a.k.a. "Loves" or "Sweet Pea" Macy Mae "the Bundertaker" 🥊

Mac a.k.a. "Macaroni" or "Macadoo" Ceres a.k.a. "Spaz"

Boston a.k.a. "Bossy" Lockett a.k.a. "Lock"

Skellington a.k.a. "Skelly" or "Skells" Koda

Fletcher a.k.a. "Mr. Man" Wallace a.k.a. "Pants"


We are sad to say that Ralphie left us earlier this year. He was a sweet, energetic, and fun-loving pup up until his last moments. He will be forever missed. Rest in paradise, buddy, we know you have all the tennis balls in the world up there 💕

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