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Is Your Home Ready for the Elements? 🌨️

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

MacCoy Home Solutions is happy to help you prepare your home for fall & winter in the PNW! Read through the following check list to ensure that your home is ready!

☑️ Check the basics. Are your windows, doors and gates functioning properly around your exterior? Are you keeping up with siding maintenance? Having all points of entry operating correctly and siding repaired is important in order to keep your family warm and safe during the colder season. If you need assistance, reach out to MHS so that we can take a look with our friends at Energy Exteriors NW!

☑️ Identify potential hazards. Are there any trip, slip or fall hazards around the exterior of your home? Do you have adequate exterior lighting? Rain and snow can cause slick conditions so it is important that your walkways are up for the challenge.

☑️ Vents, vents and more vents! Are your dryer vents or hood vents due for a cleaning? Are your bathrooms, laundry room and attic properly ventilated? Keeping your dryer and hood vents clean prevents potential fire hazards. Additionally, keeping your home properly ventilated prevents mold or mildew growth.

☑️ Bring the heat. Is your chimney/fireplace due for a cleaning? Is your heating system operating properly? Do your smoke detectors need replacement/installation? Prevent potential fire hazards by keeping your chimney/fireplace clean and servicing your heating system. You can also find information regarding smoke alarm safety at your local fire department like South County Fire!

☑️ Rain, rain go away. Are your gutters clear and draining properly? Do your drainage lines need to be scoped? Ensuring that your systems are diverting water flow can prevent potential leaks or water damage.

☑️ Check the chimney. Are there cracks in your chimney? Are there gaps between your chimney and roof? Is there missing concrete at the top of your chimney or in the chimney stack? If you answered yes to any of these questions, let MHS assess the damage with our friends at Archstone Masonry!

☑️ Raise the roof. When was the last time your roof was inspected? Checking for potential leaks or weak spots on your roof is best before the rain and snow come down to avoid any damage or hazards during the holidays. If you have any concerns about your roof or if it is due for an inspection, let us know and we will come out with our friends at Crown Roofing Inc or our friends at Pro Roofing NW!

☑️ Check for existing exterior elemental damage. Do your flat surfaces need treatment or repairs? Identifying existing issues such as cracks, deterioration, dry rot, roots growing under/through, etc. is important so that you can get the necessary repairs taken care of to prevent further damage or hazards.

☑️ Plumbing, please! Are your plumbing lines insulated? Making sure your pipes are insulated can help keep your water hot for longer and prevent your pipes from freezing in the winter.

☑️ Your air quality + cold season - How is the air quality in your home? Ensuring that the air in your home is properly filtered can help prevent allergies and keep your family healthy during cold season. Ready for an air quality inspection? Let MHS know and we will schedule an inspection with our friends at Environix!

In need of a professional opinion regarding the condition of your home? MHS is offering a $99 Professional Exterior Evaluation!

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