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Selecting the Right Contractor 👷

We understand that selecting the contractor best suited for your project and your family's needs is an important decision so we are here to help! Read on for a checklist of items to consider when choosing the crew for you 👇

✅ Review Previous Projects - Take a look at photos and videos of the contractor's previous projects to ensure that the level of craftsmanship from their team is in line with what you are looking for.

Check Online Ratings - Online reviews are an effective tool when evaluating a contractor's conduct before working with them.

✅ Check References - Reaching out to references provided by the contractor or business is a great way to learn more about the customer experience and what level of service you can expect. 

✅ Professionalism in Exchanges & Communication - Evaluating the professionalism and level of communication you receive from the sales and office teams when you initially contact them is a good indicator of how future exchanges with the company will be.

✅ Knowledge & Transparency - Being able to ask questions and gain adequate insight from their team when planning for your project will help illustrate the amount of experience and knowledge on their team as well as how transparent they will be with project information.

✅ Expectations of Projects - Inquiring about what to expect, should you move forward with that contractor, will demonstrate their project process, allowing you to determine if their team expectations are in line with your priorities. 

✅ Conduct Your Research - Conducting your own research of the company and doing your due diligence to look into material pricing and comparing the bids you are receiving will help give you a sense of the value you can expect from the contractors you are reaching out to. 

✅ Trust Your Gut - If you feel that a contractor you are reaching out to is not a great fit, trust that feeling! Moving forward with any home project should be an exciting experience that you are looking forward to and the right contractor will help you feel that way!

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