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Entertain Like a Pro 🏡

Our in-house design consultant, Autumn, has put together the following tips and tricks for designing your outdoor space, helping you entertain like a pro!

Take your time. Whether you are designing the space yourself or hiring a professional, approach your project comprehensively. Begin with the necessary research to ensure that you are maximizing opportunities where possible. Consider the layout. Do you entertain often? Do the kids want a new playground? Perhaps you enjoy gardening. With your backyard goals in mind, study the layout of your space. Mark off sections to ensure that you have the capacity for entertainment, or enough sunlight necessary for a garden, before planning your design.

Keep the natural elements. Embrace the existing landscape that makes your backyard unique and work with it to enhance the space, eliminating the natural elements that are less desirable to you. Create a focal point. Whether it's a water feature, a seating area, or a firepit, creating a focal point will not only add aesthetic value to your space but it will be a great conversation starter! Create plenty of seating. If you entertain often, ensure that your design offers enough seating for everyone. If you have a small backyard, use folding chairs that don't take up too much space and can be easily stored when not in use. Light it up. Your yard design should incorporate plenty of lighting elements, especially around pathways so that guests can see. You may also want to highlight your focal point by adding different lighting effects. If you have a tight budget, using string lights or fairy lights creates a nice ambiance without breaking the bank!

Seeking further guidance for your design needs? Email us at to inquire about our design services!

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