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Back to School Essentials ✏️

It's that time of year again! Transitioning back to school can be an adjustment for parents and their students. That's why we put together a list of our back to school essentials that will prepare your home for student needs!

Create homework space. Having a designated area for homework, like a separate office space or an appropriated homework desk, can help your student continue to learn and grow in the comforts of home! Consider the drop zone. After a long day of learning, students need a space to drop off their backpacks and take a load off! This could be a custom cubby built in the entryway or backpack hooks near the homework zone, depending on the layout of your home.

Have space to move & play. Releasing energy and simply moving around can improve focus for your student. Having a space for "recess", separate from the homework zone, can increase productivity and focus when it's time for business! After school snack pantry. An after school snack is a necessity for learners! Creating a separate space where students can look right after school can save time in the post-school bustle. Complete that space with a custom kitchenette, mini fridge and sink for a next level snack area! Cozy area for reading/learning. Creating a comfortable space to read or continue learning activities that is separate from your homework zone can help after school learning feel more fun and relaxing! Complete this area with a reading light and plenty of pillows and soft blankets for that cozy vibe.

Looking for a design consultation to customize your home for your family's needs? Email us at to inquire about our services!

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