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Why M.H.S.?

We understand that selecting a contractor who is a good fit for your project as well as your family is a very important decision! That is why we would like to share what sets us apart as your local general contractor 👇

Our Tech - Our application of cutting-edge technology through project management software allows us to uphold the highest levels of service even when we are off-site. Our platform provides our clients with daily updates on their projects, an easy way to pay, and a streamlined process for communication with their project manager and project superintendent, all at their fingertips!

Our Team - Our team has 100+ years of collective experience in the construction industry, ensuring quality craftsmanship on every project! Outside of our high levels of craft, our crew exudes honest and compassionate customer service. The level of service we offer has truly set us apart in the industry and has helped us maintain our 5-star rating throughout the years!

Our Mission - The mission that drives our service and ethics goes well beyond the hammer. Our clients, team members, and families build a community that is at the heart of what we do. We are proud to support this community through compassionate care, integrity, and the highest standards of service. As we continue to grow, sincere service will remain a top priority.

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