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Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle! ♻️

Looking for the best way to get rid of your extra or salvaged materials from your project? Donations of usable materials, furniture, appliances and other new or used home improvement items are gladly accepted by Habitat for Humanity of Snohomish County!

The following are some of the items accepted for donation:

- Appliances; Electric appliances must be clean, less than 10 years old and in 100% working order with all components. Dishwashers must be made in 2014 or later and have EPA verification. - Cabinets & Shelving; Cabinets are accepted in complete units complete with doors and drawers. Please remove any protruding screws or nails prior to donating. Cabinets with tile countertops are not accepted. - Doors; Interior panel-type doors as well as exterior doors are accepted. Doors must be in good condition without holes, cracks, rot, mold or scratches. If they are donated with the frame, please remove nails. - Flooring; Full boxes of vinyl or laminate flooring are accepted as long as they can cover 60 sq. ft. - Area rugs or laminate flooring made in China are NOT accepted. - Furniture; Household furniture such as chairs and sofas are accepted as long as there are no tears, stains, pet hair or odors and are not older than 10 years. Bed frames, head and footboards and dining room sets (with at least 4 matching chairs) are accepted. - Lighting; Most light fixtures in working condition, new lightbulbs in original packaging and lamps (with lamp shades) are accepted. - Lumber, Plywood, Sheetrock & Trim; Full and half sheets of plywood and sheetrock are accepted. Full lengths of unpainted lumber, decking and trim over 4 ft. long are also accepted - please no rot, screws or nails in the lumber. - Plumbing; Clean drain vent and waste pipe over 4 ft. long are accepted. Showers, sinks, tubs, and vanities in good condition are also accepted (no nicks, scratches or rust please). Clean, low flush toilets are accepted if wax ring is removed. - Tile; New tile in original boxes is accepted - must be enough for 20 sq. ft. - Windows; Double pane vinyl windows under 5 ft. in either dimension in working order are accepted.

All three store locations welcome donation drop-offs. Please call 425.405.7770 to schedule a donation pickup. For more information visit: Habitat for Humanity - Store Donations

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