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Homes Built to Protect 🦠

Cold & flu season is upon us but a healthy family, starts with a healthy home. Read below for helpful tips from the MacCoy Home Solutions crew in keeping your home a healthy one!

Breathe easy. Ensuring you have proper ventilation throughout your home and clean air ducts can significantly improve the air quality of your home. Even external products like UV filters and air purifiers can help! Keep it dry. The fluctuating temperatures during the transition from warmer to colder months can cause condensation to appear within your home, making fall notorious for it's mold growth. Keeping humidity low in your home can prevent mold (psst - proper ventilation can help with this too 😉)!

Wipe your feet. A lot of the bacteria and germs that enter our homes are hitching rides on the bottom of our shoes! Sanitizing your shoes or even having house slippers waiting at the door can limit environmental bacteria. Shoe covers are also helpful to have for guests! PPE before entry. Having personal protective equipment like hand sanitizer and masks in your entryway for visitors can help eliminate the amount of germs entering your home as well! Keep it clean. Routine cleaning can limit the spread of germs and bacteria in your home. Hiring house cleaners is quite helpful for busy families that need an extra hand!

Looking for recommendations on how to take these steps in your home? Email us at to learn more!

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1 Comment

Lewis Carroll
Lewis Carroll
Sep 30, 2023

Home protection is a top priority for me, and I always rely on Mobile Locksmith experts to ensure my family's safety. Their expertise in installing high-quality locks and security systems gives me peace of mind, and their prompt service during emergencies is a true asset.

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