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Here Comes the Sun ☀️

The seasons are changing, is your home ready? Check out the following tips and tricks to help prepare your home for the upcoming weather; brought to you by MacCoy Home Solutions!

☑️Check on your HVAC and A/C systems. After so much use in the winter months, it is good to check on your HVAC system and clean it out to increase longevity. You may also want to check that your A/C system is operating correctly before the heat sneaks up on you! ☑️ Pressure wash the exterior. Now is the time to pressure wash any potential mold or moss that built up on your siding or deck during the colder weather! It is also good to reseal your deck and repaint your home while the days are drier.

☑️ Evaluate the exterior of your home. Check for any loose or rotten siding, especially closer to the ground, that may have resulted from the stormy weather. Take advantage of the warmer months to update the exterior or make any necessary repairs! ☑️ Update your insulation. While insulation keeps us warm in the winter, it also helps to keep your home cool during the summer. Updating your insulation now will help you save on energy bills during the A/C dominant months! ☑️ Address the moisture. It is best to address any areas you noticed moisture build-up after the rain goes away. This is when you will want to repair/replace any drainage systems, footings, and flashing. It is also a great time to treat those areas for mold! ☑️ Spray for pests. The best time to spray your home is in the spring when the pest numbers are low to be proactive versus reactive! ☑️ Prevent crawlers in your crawlspace. Rodents are commonly an issue in the fall here in Washington so now is the time to prepare! Preparation includes cleaning and deodorizing the crawlspace, sealing all potential entry points, and reinstalling the vapor barrier and insulation. ☑️ Schedule a carpet cleaning. It is best to clean your carpets after walking in and out with muddy shoes 😉 Add the carpets to your spring cleaning list for a full refresh before the sun shines through!

Still have questions? Seeking professional guidance? You can email our office at for further clarity or professional references!

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