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Be a Tourist in Your Own Backyard ⛱️

MacCoy Home Solutions can help you create an outdoor space that will have you planning your next stay-cation! Check out a few of our backyard reno ideas below 👇

Create an outdoor kitchen. Having a designated area complete with a grill, prep space, additional storage, and a custom-built cover can extend the heart of your home to the edge of your property! Design the perfect pool for your space. Even small spaces can accommodate a refreshing dip in the yard! Working with a designer can help you create an outdoor retreat that maximizes the use of your space.

Incorporate a custom greenhouse or garden. This one is for our friends with green thumbs! Adding a custom-built area suitable for your planting desires can elevate your garden display and expand your options for variety. Create a separate patio for your firepit. Having a separate patio to enjoy a nice fire on those long summer nights will keep the heat away from your home while creating an additional defined seating area for friends and family! Incorporate lighting elements. Setting posts to have string lights across your yard or even running a conduit to include landscape lighting throughout your space can help you keep the party going even after the sun goes down! Design a custom shed. Getting a custom shed built for your garden tool needs can create an efficient way to store any items you would like out-of-sight without taking up any unnecessary space from your yard. Earth moving. Grading your yard, sometimes called Earth moving, can create flat spaces to expand your entertaining opportunities. Pro-tip: adding irrigation, drainage, and/or soil treatments for healthy landscaping is best during grading when your yard is already dug up!

Interested in any or all of these outdoor upgrades? MacCoy Home Solutions can help! Submit your project details for a FREE estimate here.

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