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Are You Ready for an Emergency?

During the fall and winter seasons, there are some dangers that homeowners are unable to prevent, like natural disasters. MacCoy Home Solutions is here to help you feel prepared with the following emergency readiness checklist! ⬇️

☑️ Know your home. Knowing where the main water shut off is for your home and how to operate it (some homes require a special key to adjust) can minimize damage during precious moments in the event of a leak/burst pipe. ☑️ Prep your home. Wrapping exposed plumbing, putting covers on hose bibs, checking storm drains and clearing drain spouts can all help you prepare your home for the monsoon season of the PNW. Additionally, having your ducts and vents cleaned can prevent fire hazards and improve the air quality within your home. Our friends at AdvantaClean can help ensure your ducts and vents are ready for the seasons! ☑️ Know your policy. Taking the time to understand your homeowner's insurance policy and what damages are covered will guide you on the best steps to take in the event of an emergency. ☑️ Prep your emergency plan. Having a clear idea of who you should contact, where your family will go and what to do with your belongings in the event of an emergency can assist you in tackling these essential tasks during a stressful time. Not sure where to start? Book a consultation service with MHS here! ☑️ Know your contacts. In the event of a flood, leak, fire or storm, knowing who to call can make a trying time feel a little lighter. We recommend reaching out to our friends at AdvantaClean first in the event of an emergency! AdvantaClean will assist you with any emergency cleanup needed and much like MHS, they always put their clients first. The next call we recommend is to your insurance company to file a claim. ☑️ Know how to address different emergencies. If your home floods, you can minimize damage by making sure precious/irreplaceable items do not sit in the stagnant water as getting wet vs. soaking can make a huge difference. If there is a fire in your home, knowing what to do can save a life or a loss. You can find local home fire safety classes like the ones offered at South County Fire for education on home fire emergencies! ☑️ Get a professional opinion. Have exterior damage/deterioration that is causing an uneasy feeling? Not sure if your siding, windows and doors can withstand extreme temperatures? Not sure if your drainage system is functioning properly? MHS is offering a $99 Professional Exterior Evaluation to help you understand the true condition of your home! You can book your professional evaluation here!

We hope no homeowners ever have to face these tragedies but we want to make sure that our neighbors are prepared to help minimize loss and worry. We are always here to help in any way that we can!

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1 Comment

Christian Johnson
Christian Johnson
Sep 11, 2023

Home fires can happen to anyone, and being prepared can make all the difference. Locksmith Gastonia NC provides excellent advice on creating a safe environment by installation of fire safety alarms. Let's all take responsibility for our safety and the safety of our loved ones.

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