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MacCoy Home Solutions has partnered with our friends Greystone Capital Home Lending to offer you a quick and easy Home Equity Loan solution that can provide you with all or some of the funds you need to get your home project started! 


"In most cases, we can have an answer to our applicants within as little as 12-48 hours and funds will be available within just 7 days!"


Meet Your Loan Advisor:

Meet Drew Green, Sr. Mortgage Advisor & Branch Manager at Greystone Capital Home Lending. He's your local expert dedicated to helping you find the perfect financing solution for your next remodel or renovation!

If you submit your information through his online form here, he will have everything he needs to get started on a soft credit pull for you and begin the process of securing funding for your dream project!

Once your information has been submitted, Greystone Capital will begin working on getting you approved for a home equity loan right away.




1. What is a HELOC?

HELOC – Home Equity Line of Credit. Think of this as a credit card that uses your home as the collateral. Interest is calculated daily, but the balance is open. So, you can pay it down, then use it again later unlike a mortgage. The nice part about a HELOC is that the monthly payment is directly related to the remaining balance. A lower balance means a lower monthly payment. The catch is that it’s interest only.

2. Does a HELOC take over my mortgage?

No. It can be a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd lien position. Your current mortgage can be left alone.

3. What is the maximum amount I can take out with a HELOC?


4. Are there any closing costs for a HELOC?

Yes, you pay a 1.99% - 2.99% origination fee and a few government recording charges.

5. What is the lowest credit score I can have and still qualify for a HELOC?


6. Is there a prepayment penalty?


7. Is an appraisal required?


8. Am I able to pay off debt with this HELOC?

Yes! You can use the funds for whatever you would like after the transaction closes and funds are wired to your account. You may not, however, use the funds to pay off debt to qualify.

9. Will I owe cash at close?

Nope! All closing costs are rolled into the HELOC.

10. How long does it take to complete and receive funds from the HELOC?

5-7 business days for closing and funding. Funds are wired directly to your account for 100% of the HELOC amount. Your bank may have internal fund release requirements for any amount received greater than $10,000.00. Some banks hold the funds for 3-4 business days.

11. What documents are needed?

A copy of your photo ID. All other verifications are done digitally with your bank, the IRS, and payroll company. You will be required to log into each of these systems directly. Ask your HR department if you need help accessing your payroll account.

12. Can I include my spouse's income?

Yes! There is a place for household income. You can include it; the application will provide you with a place to use their income as well. Bank statements from shared accounts is the easiest way to verify this.

Have further questions? Contact Drew Green to inquire further!

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